Experiment with microorganisms in your virtual laboratory



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The closest thing to the microorganisms created by Lisa Simpson in the ever-popular 'Treehouse of Horror VII' episode is, without a doubt, Biogenesis, a tool that lets you create live organisms so you can study their behavior.

Experiment with an infinite number of elements, give them life, then enjoy cloning them and observing the different paths they take. Watch them evolve and adapt to the environment that surrounds them.

Biogenesis simulates, in visual form, the processes observed in living organisms, the same ones that influence their mutations.

Each living element, denoted by a certain color, is monitored in detail in a data chart that will allow you to closely track their growth process.

If you want, you can expose your colony to different mutation factors to see whether or not they will continue developing in different situations.

Enjoy watching your live microorganism colony grow and study its metabolism, respiration, and photosynthesis with just a glance when using Biogenesis.
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